Aesthetic fillings

The newest photocomposite filling materials are now equal to classic amalgam in terms of durability and mechanical resistance. Their indication has therefore been extended to the lateral section of the dentition as well. Why have a silver smile when you can have a white one.

Aesthetic SonicFill™ fillings

A unique method of producing composite fillings in the lateral section of the teeth. Thanks to an innovative tip oscillating with a frequency in the range of audible sound, the rigid filling material becomes a semi-fluid and adheres perfectly to the tooth walls. This ensures proper adaptation of the applied material, low shrinkage during solidification, while maintaining the mechanical resistance of state-of-the-art photocomposites. Using SonicFill™ significantly reduces the overall length of dental treatment, making it particularly suitable for patients with increased gag reflex, temporomandibular joint pain and timid patients.