Veneers, crowns and bridges

Ceramic veneers are one of the latest trends in aesthetic dentistry. These millimetre-long caps replacing the outer and partly interdental and biting surfaces of the tooth are thin but very durable. Compared to crown preparation, the loss of tooth tissue is minimal with an equally satisfactory aesthetic result. Veneers are used to modify the colour and shape of the tooth, instead of extensive photocomposite fillings, to close the gap (diastema) between teeth and to make minor adjustments to the inclination of rotated teeth. The veneer is attached to the tooth tissues with a special adhesive technology that guarantees its long-term durability and resistance.

All-ceramic crowns are becoming the standard for treating teeth in the visible part of the dentition. The metal-free design creates a natural appearance for both the tooth and the gum. There is no risk of a grey rim around the crown, nor is it necessary to prepare the tooth under the gum where the crown margin is less accessible to dental hygiene. This also contributes to the increased durability of the prosthetic work.

Zirconia ceramics are equal to metal bridge constructions in durability, which is why we offer our patients all-ceramic treatment even in mechanically stressed sections of the teeth, even when more extensive prosthetic treatment is needed. Ceramics is aesthetically more pleasing than metal, it is biocompatible and it does not cause allergic reactions nor leaves metallic aftertaste in the mouth.

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