Teeth whitening

We offer the teeth whitening system from the Czech brand Pure Whitening. Clients can choose between two types of whitening: 'home whitening' and 'combined whitening'. Pure Whitening products ensure a safe and permanent result. We also aim to reduce any potential tooth sensitivity to a minimum. No special diet restrictions are required during the procedure.

At your first visit, the dental hygienist will take precise impressions of your teeth that will be used to create tight-fitting mouthpieces. You will then apply the enclosed gels to the mouthpieces as instructed for the next 14 nights. From their production and during the transport to the dentist's practice, the gels are stored at a temperature of up to 10 °C. This makes them the only ones on the market that remain as effective as when manufactured. In the case of combined whitening, you will undergo a final whitening in the dental hygienist's practice on the 15th day of the treatment.

Bělení zubů Beyond

We also offer our clients an in-office teeth whitening system from a world-renowned California manufacturer. The BEYOND Whitening Accelerator ensures safe, highly aesthetic, and permanent results in a short treatment time, and little or no sensitivity after teeth whitening. In this unique treatment where the dentist uses a combination of intense light energy and the strongest light-accelerated whitening gel. This procedure is unsurpassed in producing long-lasting and satisfying results after just one 30-minute treatment. The simplicity of custom teeth whitening ensures not only visible results but also patient satisfaction with a comfortable and relaxing treatment. The BEYOND Whitening Accelerator has been successfully tested in several scientific and clinical studies focusing on the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.